Break the balance / our vision

Nowadays, our world is hanging in the balance: on one hand the need of a change, on the other hand the will of leaving everything as it is. We want to give our contribution to help the course of history make a move towards a sustainable future once for all.

The power of a choice, for a better world / our mission

We find solutions for all those companies that chose to help make our planet a healthier place. We put in their hands the greatest tool to make better decisions: high-quality, reliable and real-time data. Because we know the market, we are the market.

The company

In 2010 Commerg created the first marketplace for energy profiles and structured energy products. We are based in Sliema, Malta, and we assist companies all over Europe during their transition to green energy.
Our services are based on the most advanced technology and we offer the greatest efficiency acquired by our team during years of experience.