We know the market, we are the market

We provide a tailored brokerage service for Guarantees of Origin and other Energy Attribute Certificates to all businesses that are committed to become green.

We put together real-time price data for GOs and monitor the trading market every day in order to give you the widest choice available.

We carefully listen to your needs and we provide assistance before, during and after the negotiations.

We provide you with a highly customizable platform which allows you to trade only at your conditions.

Who we work with

We settle the price of Guarantees of Origin for 470+ professionals in the field.
Below you can find some of the 300+ partners we work with on a regular basis.

Main certificates and labels

Guarantees of Origin

Gas and electricity GOs are supported by the European Directive 2009/28/EC in its Article 15 in order for companies to adjust their fuel mix.


  • UK Compliance Certificates
  • International Certificates
  • Brussels Green Certificates
  • Walloon Green Certificates
  • Flanders Green Certificates
  • Flanders Cogeneration Certs
  • CEE

And other general Energy Efficiency Certificates.


  • OK Power
  • EKOenergy
  • Naturemade Basic & Star
  • Bra Miljöval

Break the balance / our vision

Nowadays, our world is hanging in the balance: on one hand the need of a change, on the other hand the will of leaving everything as it is. We want to give our contribution to help the course of history make a move towards a sustainable future once for all.

The power of a choice, for a better world / our mission

Our role is to broker deals in the Guarantee of Origin trading market, as well as for other EACs. By being transparent, neutral and with excellent brokerage service, we help you to become a green company. Our products are here to help you in making an informed choice

The company

In 2010 Commerg created the first marketplace for energy profiles and structured energy products. We have three offices, one in Sliema, Malta, one in Brussels, Belgium and one in London, United Kingdom. We assist companies all over Europe during their transition to green energy.
Our services are based on the most advanced technology and we offer the greatest efficiency acquired by our team during years of experience.