News and updates from the world of renewables

GO consolidation in oversupply – July 2020

During the last weeks, the Guarantees of Origin (GOs) markets have seen less activity and little excitement. The contango of the second and third delivery years diminished, in solidarity with the curve flattening fashion. We identify the reason for this in the oversupply of GOs in the short term. The production years 2019 and 2020…

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First trade in Voluntary Carbon Emission Reduction Certificates

With the help of companies that are committed to a carbon-neutral world, we have closed our first voluntary Emission Reduction certificates deal between two counterparties. This milestone exemplifies our intention to move to a greener world by expanding our work from Guarantees of Origin and other Energy Attribute Certificates to a wider range of certificates.…

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GO price rebound – May 2020

RECS International, the organisation which coordinates the industry of renewable electricity in Europe, reluctantly had to cancel the annual RECS Market Meeting due to the epidemic or Covid19. This was a blow for the organisers and all participants who see this event as a family reunion and the best opportunity to focus on the topic…

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