News and updates from the world of renewables

The only way is up – October 2022

“The only way is up” was a good title at the beginning of this month. October has indeed seen the fastest ever price increase for guarantees of origin (GOs) in a month: +€1.75 to reach €5.95 on the 31st. After such a rally, it is tempting to quote again “The only way is up” as…

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Consolidation of GO market – July 2022

The market of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) has felt the consequences of the intensity lived by the other energy markets in Europe. Record high prices in most commodities have tighten the trader’s credit lists. Despite some very volatile markets and theoretically strong trading opportunities, some energy products became untradable. Holding a position in Slovenian power,…

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Climate still last – March 2022

After the price rallies in every commodity in 2021, the markets of Energy Attributes Certificates followed the mood. High prices of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) reflected this general sentiment and was also supported by the news of low hydro reservoirs levels across Europe. The hike stalled just above the 2€ level for the current year…

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