First trade in Voluntary Carbon Emission Reduction Certificates

With the help of companies that are committed to a carbon-neutral world, we have closed our first voluntary Emission Reduction certificates deal between two counterparties. This milestone exemplifies our intention to move to a greener world by expanding our work from Guarantees of Origin and other Energy Attribute Certificates to a wider range of certificates.

carbon certificate trade

Companies that are willing to offset their carbon emissions voluntarily have the possibility to do so via Emission Reduction Certificates. Within this category you can find two different options:

1. Voluntary Emission Reduction certificates (VER) – Certificates obtained via emission offset projects outside the scope of the Kyoto Protocol. 1 VER certificate is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions. Purchasing these certificates signifies a commitment by the company to offset their carbon footprint.

2. Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) – A voluntary Green House Gas offset certificate, which includes CO2 emissions and other GHGs.

The voluntary systems VER and VCS follow a similar working logic as our main traded product Guarantees of Origin, by adding value for sustainable production methods. In case your company would like to know more about these certificates and their trading market, you can contact us here.