Commerg Premium launch

Would it help you if you had access to all Commerg trading data, past and live? And what if you could show your own clients these live prices and enable them to trade via you with the Guarantee of Origin market? From today onward, these questions have their answers in Commerg’s new product: Commerg Premium.

Why Commerg Premium?
With 5 years’ experience in trading Guarantees of Origin on screen, we’ve noticed that there is an ever-increasing demand for improved transparency, price information and forecasting. This demand is not only coming from electricity producers and suppliers, but also from trading houses and corporate businesses who have their own energy tracking certificates portfolios. Improving transparency in the GO market is key for moving towards a mature trading market and our new feature Commerg Premium is here to do just that. Commerg’s long-term vision is to move to a mature, transparent and liquid trading market and this is one of the necessary steps to take.
Commerg Premium is designed for businesses which are active in the purchase or sale of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and who need the raw market information.

Commerg Premium products:

Trades Report: a list of all deals closed via Commerg during the elapsed week, displayed on a user-friendly format, downloadable via API.
Prices Settlements Report: We settle the week with a precise methodology for the most active markets in Europe: 1 Index for European Renewable Energy, 4 Generic sources (Wind, Hydro, Solar and Biomass) and 9 country specific markets (example: Italian Wind, German Hydro, Polish Wind, Hydro Norway, …). We display 4 years of electricity production.
Live Ticker report: All the price input that Commerg receives from platform participants can be followed live on a ticker screen. Users of the Commerg Trading Platform are likely familiar with this feature and we’ve extended its possibilities. Every firm order and its timing can also be a valuable information from the market.

Credit matrix
This is a necessary tool for a mature market where KYC and Credit check shouldn’t slow down the liquidity at every trade. No one wants to have a deal stuck on long on-boarding processes or credit checks, but nobody wants to run unnecessary risk either. The Credit Matrix is therefore created for Risk Managers: they will be able to update the buy and sell limit with each one of their approved counterparts with a user-friendly interface, as often as they judge necessary. This updates automatically the platform authorisations for the portfolio managers and can be sent to any email recipient (brokers, trader colleagues, …).

Sales trading with your own clients.
It is no surprise that we love brokering GOs deals! Now you can also have a taste of this too. Your clients might ask you for real-time price information and now you can give them all of it. Commerg Premium enables you to share a platform screen designed for your customers, with your features. Whether your client is a corporate business, producer, supplier, they now get access to the GO market via you. Your company will act as sales trader of Guarantees of Origin market. You set your fees and your authorisations according to your arrangements with your clients. Showing your clients, the raw data that we receive and allowing them to trade via you on the trading platform will lead to increased visibility of the GO market and strengthens its legitimacy.

These Premium products are each available separately or you can order the full package for a reduced subscription.

For the launch for Commerg Premium, we offer the whole package at a very low price, with extras!
Please contact us for more information at or by phone (+31 103020050).

This promotion will ensure that we keep improving the market transparency, market liquidity and price settlements for everyone inside and outside the GO trading market.