News and updates from the world of renewables

GO price rebound – May 2020

RECS International, the organisation which coordinates the industry of renewable electricity in Europe, reluctantly had to cancel the annual RECS Market Meeting due to the epidemic or Covid19. This was a blow for the organisers and all participants who see this event as a family reunion and the best opportunity to focus on the topic…

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The Covid19 epidemic is slowing all markets and economies down across the globe as we speak. At the time of writing this article, the consequences are still unclear, but the world is holding his breath hoping that there will not be too much job destruction or worse, a financial meltdown. At Commerg, we were early…

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The Guarantees of Origin market in shock

The market of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) keeps growing in Europe, but in shocks. It is not an ideal signal for new entering companies and for investors. A solid market with clear movements is typically preferred for trading but the GOs has decided otherwise. Or is it not its fault? To be more accurate, we…

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